Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Guide to the Named Scholarship Application

Holy Family University recently announced that the 2014-2015 named scholarship application is now available for submission.  This application, due December 2, 2013, enables students to highlight their numerous accomplishments as members of the university community.

            In order to best represent oneself, a well-written scholarship application is very important.  The following tips are designed to guide completion of the application.

·       Read and reread each question that is asked to ensure that your answers are complete.  The application will require you to describe your community service activities and mention any membership in extracurricular activities offered on campus (Remember to submit club moderator forms).

·       When discussing community service activities, it may be beneficial to write about a specific event that had a lot of meaning for you.  If a volunteer opportunity had a significant impact on your life, a focus on this event may help you to better represent yourself rather than including a detailed listing of every community service activity that you have participated in this year. 

·       One of the application questions asks you to describe how you “uphold the mission of Holy Family University.”  What is the mission?  The mission of Holy Family University consists of six core values.  These core values comprise an education that is committed to Family, Integrity, Learning, Respect, Service and Responsibility, and Vision.

o   How do I connect these six core values into my life as a student?

§      Think about the definitions Holy Family has attributed to each of the core values. 

§       Reflect upon how these values have been incorporated into the classroom as well as in the university community. 

§     Think about how you have lived out these values.  Maybe you are involved in community service on campus and have learned valuable lessons from these experiences that relate to the Holy Family mission.  Maybe you have grown in your faith during your time at the university.  Your time at Holy Family most likely helped you grow in some way.

·      When you are finished writing your application, make sure that it is complete and the responses are clearly stated.  Best of luck!